“Don’t kill me oh!”

Hi dear one, I remember my first days in secondary school. I just finished the first class in the Junior secondary class and I moved to the second class. I had this new friend of mine who loved to tell me stories about herself and her family and I was always eager to listen because... Continue Reading →

The Crime of good fathers in business

We accuse them of being awayWe would say," They are hardly at home to stay"Yet, they have us always on their mindThis is one major fault they possess They love to muse on the thought of seeing usThey prefer to watch us dance to the flute of their mindsThey'd summon the wind of their hearts... Continue Reading →

The refreshing mechanism of dropping your phone

Hi dear one, I have been listening to great minds like Perry Marshall and Marie Forleo and one thing that keeps them efficient is the art of determination. I know this is not exactly as the headline reads but follow me a little longer. Determination is everything when it comes to getting what you want... Continue Reading →

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