“Don’t kill me oh!”

Hi dear one, I remember my first days in secondary school. I just finished the first class in the Junior secondary class and I moved to the second class. I had this new friend of mine who loved to tell me stories about herself and her family and I was always eager to listen because I loved stories. I have been a lover of stories since childhood. I enjoyed the afternoon and evening tales my elder sister told me everytime I came back from primary school. She always made me do my house chores immediately with the reward of a story or a continuation of the story she started the previous day and I would happily do all my chores without dragging feet or grumbling as I did when my other siblings requested that I did the same chores without the ‘story’ reward because they were not storytellers.

A new trick

So, a day came when this new friend of mine told me a very captivating story about her tricks towards getting disciplined by her mom. Born in an African country, we usually get trained with different kinds of resetting tool to remove the foolishness that comes with childhood from our parents especially our mothers. She narrated a new method she used to escape a proper beating from her mom. She had done something wrong that day and her mom reached out to one of those resetting tools for training and as it landed on her back, she began to scream, ” Mommy, don’t kill me oh”, “Mommy don’t kill me oh”. Her mother was surprised and she lowered her resetting tool, feeling sorry for her daughter and stopped beating her.

Implementing this trick

I was thrilled at this new invention and looked forward to the day I would implement it. A day finally came(Did I mention to you that it was a day after the story was told to me?)and this time, it was a new tool that was used on me. One would shout “Eureka” as to how fitly the occasion needed for my implementation of this new trick. As my mom gave me two dosage of this resetting tool, I scream, ” Mommy, don’t kill me oh!”. My mom was startled, she asked me what I had said. Right now, I wished I had said nothing but because I wanted to practice what I had learned perfectly, I repeated the statement. That day, I realized that mothers are different and our journey in life are never the same. I also learned that copying without creativity is a crime punishable by human laws and any resetting tool available. I learnt many things that day because here was my mother’s reply,” Today, I will kill you!”. Oh dear one, I received the beating of my life! I was too ashamed to tell my friend the outcome of her tricks on me.

Each time I remember that day, I chuckled softly at my foolishness. There were many things that my friend and I didn’t have in common. If I had paid attention to those differences, I wouldn’t have taken such a chance.

Lessons learned

Well, one good thing I learned from attempting such a trick was that such a trick was not good for me. Sometimes, you try out some things to know if it will be good for you or not. It is part of the risks we have to take. Regrets are more deadly than wrong attempts. You never know which one is wrong until you try it out.

However dear one, before you make an attempt to do anything be atleast 50% sure about the consequences and 100% sure you are ready to take the risk.

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  1. Quite an interesting read with lots to learn. We all have different graphs with different origins. I love the fact that it didn’t work out for you. Maybe, you wouldn’t have to seen the need to be creative.

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