3 things I say to myself before climbing up a stage and speaking to an audience.

Hi dear one, I will be sharing with you some phrases to say to yourself before speaking to an audience. I know a little about wobbly legs and sweaty palms. I even know what I means to forget a whole chunk of what you planned to say before an audience. There was one event where... Continue Reading →

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One fundamental step you need in business

Hi dear one, there are so many things I will like to share with you about business. Business? Yes, you heard me right.You will not ignore the fact that you live in a world where you trade something you have for something you need.You trade your time in exchange for knowledgeYou trade your presence on... Continue Reading →

YMP is here๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’

Hi dear one, YUGST Workshop has been an immense blessing to many lives over the months now and we have recorded positive results from those who participated in the previous sessions. This time, Hannah Azubuike (your favorite coach) will be taking it to another amazing level. We are doing an intensive coaching program with a... Continue Reading →

Spitting session 101:Legends with flaws.

We are first humans before we become legends. -By Hannah Azubuike The above statement is born out of the fact that we idolize a lot of celebrities because of their giftings and almost at the same criticize them for their mistakes. Many of such talented celebrities have gone suicidal because of the harsh statement from... Continue Reading →

September Yugst workshop free Registration is ongoing!

Change is the end result of all true learning. โ€“ Leo Buscaglia Hi dear one, We have dedicated this year to helping our young ones with the blueprint needed for excellence in their academics and we are not backing out soon. We are launching another workshop in September. If you want to be part of... Continue Reading →

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