About us

Have you had a messed up day and you feel negative vibes all around you?!

Dear one, we’re here to help you out!

Dear one world is an organization created to improve the human life by including some ingredients to spice up our every day through our words.

Life is an embodiment of different situations and experiences and the words we speak are our only tools to overcome the daily battles we face.

Most times our days look like hell but why live in hell already without a way of escape?

Just as the gospel was preached to those who do not know God and were in bondage and to save many from hell, we help you find ways to escape the daily hells you face with our love letters, quotes, poems and games and lots more to encourage and stir up your heart to be strengthen and also gain confidence to thrive ahead of these obstacles that may hinder your day from being less than expected.

Most importantly, dear one world is here to bring out the best in you.

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We are seeking for volunteers who would be interested in promoting our vision of bringing out the best in our readers and listeners through our words. If you desire to be part of our volunteers, we will be very happy to receive you.

Click on this form to download and fill the required details clearly and also to make your submission to our email address. Thank you!

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