Partnership and Advertisement

Dearoneworld is opened to partnerships ranging from advertisement of businesses on our blog and also in our annual magazine to sales of your creative works on the blog.

Requirements for advertisement:

To advertise your business/brand in our Dearoneworld market. Please take the time to furnish us with the details below:

  1. Name of business
  2. Location
  3. Price (optional)
  4. Booking document(if you have)
  5. Business Phone number
  6. Best social link
  7. Photo
  8. Any other useful piece of information

Please send details to this email


See our subscription plans by clicking the beautiful yellow button below. Select an option suitable for the advert of your business.

For our annual magazine, we have decided on the basic form of page sales which is the footnote page, half page and the full page. The footnote advert page goes for N500, half page goes for N2500 while the full page goes for N4000. Payment method will be available soon.

For sale of your creative work: Submit a photo of your creative work with the subject titled SALE OF MY CREATIVE WORK to this mail.

Terms and conditions : Except otherwise stated, payment is non-refundable.

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