Hashtag for the month of September

Hi dear one, Welcome to the month where there's not limitation to your dreams. A month that opens you to light and brightness. Explore this month with vigor and much energy. Don't stay in a cage! Get back on your feet. You are not alone. You are with what the thousands of people you meet... Continue Reading →

“Are you a deadliner?”

Hi dear one, if there is any such word as deadliner, it would be for people like you and me. Few months ago a friend of mine sent me a message to collaborate with him in the production of an anthology. One major question thing I looked out for was the deadline before I started... Continue Reading →

The refreshing mechanism of dropping your phone

Hi dear one, I have been listening to great minds like Perry Marshall and Marie Forleo and one thing that keeps them efficient is the art of determination. I know this is not exactly as the headline reads but follow me a little longer. Determination is everything when it comes to getting what you want... Continue Reading →

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