Coin side war

The wars we face on both sides of the coin Too much to handle only few to escape The inevitable category which stands in akimbo Watching for the next counter move in motion The sudden category that crosses its right leg Mocking and laughing at those baby steps The past category that whistles in the... Continue Reading →

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I will rise(a poem dedicated to all who are going through one difficulty that cannot be spoken out)

I will rise Though the scarecrows look real and hunt me I will thrive Though the demons have teeth to bite me I will fight Though the mountains stand still to hinder me I will march Though gravity is set in motion I will dance Though the music changes every minute I will clap Though... Continue Reading →

YUGST WORKSHOP training for March.

Hi dear one, I'm inviting you to Your Unique Goal Setting Tips (YUGST)WORKSHOP. I didn't want to make a lot of noise for the last Workshop but surprisingly teenagers were interested and that's why the birth of March cohort came about. This is a workshop that will run monthly so if you miss a month,... Continue Reading →

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