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I am deliberate about your improvement and I want to see you grow from good to best. With my team in the Dearoneworld organization, we have compiled some tips in all shapes and sizes from books to workshops and we intend to do more. We offer a range of product and services to help you achieve the results you’re after. We can explain what services are right for you. Get in touch below.

Our Workshops

Are you a teenager or young adult and you are having difficulty in your academics? Or you are a worried parent and you are looking for a way for your teenager to excel in academics. Are you fogged on getting a headstart in any particular project? I and my team are here to help you out. Yes you!

We have been able to reach out to several teenagers and young adults through our free and paid online workshops. Learn more about our workshops here.

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Our Products

Here are some of our self improvement books.


Running 20 is a book filled with life’s secrets that will boost your thoughts and mindset energy. We have received alot of feedbacks from our local readers and we decided to publish it on Amazon to reach a larger audience. See customer’s review. Get a copy directly or on Amazon!


A book inspired by God to bless you at that uncomfortable waiting period of your life. Have you been in that phase?. Get free at N1200.

Your Unique Goal Setting Tips is a book designed to help everyone with a difficulty in setting their goals and achieving them. This book has been an inspiration to helping students excel in their academics through the Yugst workshops. Get a copy directly at N600. You can request for the paperback version on Amazon and have it shipped directly to you.


Precious Magazine is created to showcase the uniqueness of humanity. We are first different from other creatures then we have our special attributes that ranges from race, age, phase of life, career wise and even to knowledge. The team has gathered together articles for young and aged persons, interviews and other rich-filled write ups to inspire her readers on how precious they are and also to encourage anyone going through a tough time.


Parables & Stories is a book filled with intriguing plays from the bible. Buy now at N200 from Okadabooks.

Let’s build something together.

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